Scanning mobile tickets

A cardless future

Scanning quicker than plastic cards

Did you know that scanning mobile tickets is just as quick as, if not quicker than, reading traditional plastic cards? The big difference is that the customer buys a ticket before the bus turns up at the bus stop. This reduces boarding queues, so the driver can focus on providing a good service, and keeping to the timetable.

How it works

Infospread has developed an application for quick and cost-effective reading of mobile tickets. Ideal- ly, the software is installed on an existing onboard computer on the bus. If the computer is fitted with a screen, the result of the scan is displayed here. The system is compatible with most common scanning hardware on the market. The software logs in to the route, departure and zone to manage complex fare structures, creating high resolution statistics in real time.

Mobile ticket scanning needs to be fast and secure regardless of the mobile connection. Our system combines the advantages of working online with the stability of an offline solution.

Security is important to us and to our clients. For that reason, we have developed a dynamic mobile ticket that ensures that the ticket cannot be copied or manipulated. In addition, the system is fully com- patible with the Swedish national standard.