Business accounts

The smart business trip

It has never been easier for staff to opt for the bus when travelling to meetings and customer visits. Thanks to Infospread’s business account feature, companies can save money and be environmentally conscious, while having full control over their travel arrangements.

Business accounts

How it works

The feature is unlocked by adding the business account as a new payment option in the app. When a purchase is made, the user receives an e-ticket. The employer receives a monthly invoice from the regi- onal transport authority for the journeys made. With automated export to the transport authority’s invoice system, the administration is minimal. Once the trans- port authority adds a corporate client to the system, that is the end of time-consuming administration and ongoing circulation of travel cards between staff.

This provides an effective way for the regional trans- port authority to meet the requirements of its business users, while freeing up time for its core activities.

Corporate customers

The corporate customer gets a complete overview over its travel arrangements and can easily add users via a web portal. Employees can travel whenever the need arises, without having to collect a travel card in advance. The receipt and the invoice are managed automatically by the system. With a business account, the next business trip is only a tap away.