Real time map

Real time map shows your bus location

Real time information is always a popular feature in public transport. But why settle for an approximate time for the next departure, when you could see the exact location of the bus? For a customer heading to a bus stop, this can mean the difference between arriving short of breath or ha- ving a leisurely walk.

Realtime map

How it works

The real time map is based on a connection between the transport authority’s app and existing equipment on the bus transmitting the location of the vehicle. This feature provides an answer to the everlasting question “Where is the bus?” and serves as a guide both before and during the journey.

The map is integrated into several features of the regional transport authority’s app. It is optimized to display the most requested information for each view. Customers get an overview of the overall traffic situation with an estimated time of arrival as well as the current geographical location.

From the regional transport authority’s point of view, the real time map offers an opportunity to maximise the use of current investments in a real time system and improve information to customers. It also gives the customer more control over the journey and increases the perceived value of the service.