Ticket inspection made easy

Mobitime Validation Service

Umeå Local Transport Authority first in Sweden

The right choice should be the easy choice. As a customer and a traveller, you want to be confident that you travel with the right ticket and have paid the right fare. Confusion can lead to awkward conversations. Automatic ticket inspection builds trust, reinforces the relationship with the brand of the public transport company and strengthens the brand of the bus company.

An image that grows trust

As early as 2016, Infospread added a solution for automatic 2D scanning of mobile tickets using its service Mobitime. The continuous zone and validity control identifies the ticket holder in a seamless system that operates reliably online as well as offline – no confusion of whether the fare has been paid or not. This provides reassurance for the driver, who can focus on driving and meeting the public as the representative for the bus company.

Fast and accurate travel analysis

User friendliness for passengers as well as drivers is key to our quality system. The software in both the smartphone and the reader is developed for the greatest flexibility possible. The user interface shows information about the ticket directly on the existing screen of the onboard computer. It becomes surprisingly easy to analyse the movement of travellers in real time and continuously produce well documented foundation for strategic decision making.

Hardware independent

Mobitime Validation Service is a software based service that is independent of hardware. The system can be easily updated with new functionality that meets new requirements. Infospread integrates the software with all relevant scanners and onboard computers on the market, such as Access IS, Fara AS, Thoreb AB and FältCom Communications AB. For instance, ticketing information can be transferred to a validator using NFC.

Umeå Local Transport Authority

“Infospread’s software has been installed on the existing hardware. This is a good way to enhance the functionality of previous investments.

IT director Olof Sundelin at Umeå Local Transport Authority.

“It also offers useful back-office functionality, providing a monitoring tool that shows the operational status for all onboard installations in a clear way.”

“Rapid reading of ticketing information and functionality, regardless of mobile coverage, were minimum requirements of the customer. Our solution combines the advantages of direct feedback, available with an online system, with the stability of an offline system,” explains Marcus Nordin, product manager at Infospread and one of the team members involved with developing the service.

Marcus Nordin, product manager at Infospread