Business travel by bus, simplified

Mobitime business account

With Mobitime, it’s easy to use public transport for business travel. The bus, train or ferry becomes a simple choice for the individual, while the paperwork is minimised in the organisation. A corporate account linked to the Mobitime platform opens up new opportunities. Regional transport authorities can also take their social responsibility to a whole new level by encouraging individuals to reduce their carbon footprint during working hours. Most business travel consists of short journeys, local or regional. Great dividends can be reaped financially as well as environmentally. All this can be achieved with very little effort.

Old habits are easy to break

Many people use their car for business because it is easier and the paperwork is familiar. With Mobitime Business Account, public transport suddenly becomes the easy choice. This is just what is needed to break the habit. It provides incentives for all involved, only a tap away on the mobile. It’s just too simple to resist.

One invoice, full documentation

The booking, documentation and accounting for the journey is all taken care of by the app. Journey planning, departure times, real time information – all is available in the same place. Advance travel planning as well as quick local trips become become much more simple and intuitive. The trips are immediately tagged with their purpose, assignment, client and other relevant information. The system creates supporting documentation for accounting, billing and statistics on a monthly basis. A single invoice and full documentation provides simplicity and reassurance for all involved, enabling the regional transport authority to develop the relationship with its clients.

Värmland Regional Transport Authority

Katrin Berggren at Värmland Regional Transport Authority has first-hand experience of the reasons why business clients select the Mobitime Business Account:

“Basically, the service is very easy to set up and to run. This lowers the entry threshold. Companies using the service tend to increase their business travel by public transport.“

Could you briefly describe your process when implementing the service?

“The parameters were established in a series of workshops attended by Infospread and users of the service. This was a team effort – we worked together to create the right conditions and found a way forward. Infospread has been very good at understanding our needs and at explaining the opportunities for flexible solutions.”

Have you identified opportunities to add further functionality?

“Yes absolutely, there is great demand for a service that enables the sending of tickets, for instance in the healthcare and education sectors. We are currently working with Infospread on this.”